Which Shariah compliant Brokers are you using?

As salam aleykoum everyone !

I think most of your are using their ISA account to invest.

Unfortunately I left Uk few months ago and can’t use it anymore.

Which broker are you using to invest in a Shariah compliant manner ? Without using Your ISA?
I read lot of topics here but can’t find one which is properly Shariah compliant and haing users here.

JazakAllah Kheir

walikum as salam brother,

Not sure what you mean by shariah-compliant broker… they are just a platform to buy your investment so it’s critical to ensure that the investments you are going to chose is shariah compliant.

the only thing that comes to mind from a broker’s perspective is that they should not be paying you interest on any cash held in the broker account - these days most of the brokers in the UK are not paying.