What are the shairah guidelines on buying and selling shares, when there are many other investment options for Muslims?

what are the shairah guidelines on buying and selling shares? and why these guidelines are created (because I heard that these are created because we are living in a riba-filled world), when there are many other investment options for Muslims (like maybe sukuk, gold, silver, real estate, venture capital, equity crowdfunding, debt crowdfunding, etc etc etc)?

because I don’t see any necessity in creating such guidelines (like, if they earn haram less than 5%, then it Is halal to invest in with condition of donating this haram amount if received).

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jazak Allahu khairn all for kind help.

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A very good and relevant question - very interested to hear the response to this

Allah knows best

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I am also interested in this

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Salaam, could we kindly have an update on this, it is much appreciated

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وعليكم السلام.

Exactly. I am also waiting

Any updates please…

Barakallah fikum

Very good question. I am not going to answer it as I did not create the guidelines.
However, one thing I will say is that in the long term, we must move away from criteria that tolerate/accommodate a percentage of haram elements.
Unfortunately, we live in a world where Muslims are far away from achieving this goal.
Leave alone trading shares etc, the average Muslim does not know basic Islamic financial matters. A high amount of Muslims are still dealing in haram either by ignorance or because they turn haram dealings into halal ones, based on their own perception of what is halal/haram.
What about some of the business owners such as service providers? Thieves, liars, manipulators and con artists etc we have enough of them in our community. How can we then possibly build a true riba free world for Muslims to interact in?
When we will have more educated Muslims individuals ready enough to earn and spend in a halal manner, then eventually one day we will see a system where none of these guidelines will be needed. God willing.


jazak Allahu khairn ya sheikh for your kind reply.

i also would like to hear from @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @ibrahimkhan and @Mohsin_from_IFG if possible

thank all :slight_smile: