Walahi Its Too urgent

Asselamualyikum werahmetulahi weberekatuh
My name is Abdulhakim omer i am a software engineering and as a side a web development student
So there is a girl that i love and allhamdulilah she loves me back all glory be to allah but i am 20 years old she is 20 as well and am still a student we asked her family but welahi they said i should have a work i mean that was what we wore thinking graduate have a job then get married but they said no now they are going to give her for someone else a big guy that she dont want to walahi my heart is broken i can barely focus on my studys
I cant get employed now cuz i have classes 2 classes to attende i cant let it go i will lose her welahi am really sad and cofused but allhamdulilah everything happens for a reason and allah tests those he loved
Welahi i can write youtube scripts or anything welahi i will do anything online as long as its hala any job for any price if anyone our Prophet muhammed (S.A.W) said a muslim that doesnt acknowledge his brothers problem isnt among us so in the name of allah am not begging for money am asking for a job am doing my duas inshall i will find something if you can help that would be great just for 2 yeras till i graduate or i have welahi started so many projects until one of em works out
Thanks for reading wasslemaualyikum werahmetulahi weberekatuh


May Allah bless you.
If its written for you to be with this girl, then no one will prevent it from happening. Hence, do not make an irrational move or let it take over your sleep, otherwise you could end up failing your studies whilst she is getting married, having someone else’s kids and living the life.

If you love this girl, then you should know that Allah is The Master of all hearts, He Alone can put or remove love and feelings towards others from our hearts. Yet, human can learn to overcome the pain linked to feelings by moving on and doing greater things in life.

I once heard my teacher in hadith, the late Sheikh Yusuf Motala (ra) saying that “it is not appropriate for a Muslim to let himself remain in a situation of sadness and depression” i.e. a Muslim should learn to be patience, through the remembrance of Allah, by praying and making dua etc. One should not allow himself to remain in a state where this sadness takes over his life until it gets ruined.

Ask Allah to give you patience, to make it easy for you and to bring someone else better in your life if she is not meant to be.

Kind regards