VeChain Crypto listed as halal?

On the IFG website with the list of Crypto’s, VeChain has been listed as halal. On their website I found out that when someone purchases VeChain token VET, they automatically receive VTHO token monthly at a rate of 15% of their VET.

VET token is their main token with the major functionality on the blockchain, while VTHO is their secondary token with the primary purpose of acting as token that covers for the transaction fees for VET.

So basically, if I purchase VET, I will also receive 15% VTHO monthly in my wallet. Would this not be considered as interest or is there something different about this? Both tokens have monetary value with them.

Salam alaikum brother

What do you mean by Vechain Vocational Training Buy?
If you buy vet or VeThor on binance, for example, and hold them there, do you automatically get passive tokens?
Do you know that ?

And I would be very interested if Mufti Adam can answer this question for us

As Salaamu Alaykum

Can you please link the webpage where you found this information?

Jazak Allah Khair

Basically you get vethor for holding vechain token in a wallet. Is the vethor earned halal or is it classed as interest

It’s more about that to me
What if I buy the vtho and vet now, but don’t accept a passive vtho so don’t stake
I can put the coins on a hardwear wallet so I can’t get any rewards? And if I want to sell them I transfer Dan to binance or whatever?

Is trading Dan with these two tokens halal or haram?

Trading with vechain is halal, but the vethor earned does seem like interest. But vethor is also used as gas/fuel for transferring crypto out of your wallet

How do you mean it will be as. Fuel used.
If I keep the purchased vet tokens on a hardwear wallet, how am I supposed to be rewarded with vthor they are on my hardwear?
I can do it if I want to transfer it to binance. Simply transfer the payout
And another thing is when I buy vthor and trade.
You don’t get any additional vthor tokens for holding vthor, right?
So how is trading with vthor to be assessed here?

Selamaleykum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I buy Vechain coins but one of the use cases at in wine industry.

One Aim of Vechain is to protect generally against forgery of products

And my question is, if one case or area is wine, is all haram ?

Wa Alaykum Salaam.

I am not a mufti or anyone. Just a lay person.

From my what I understand of Islam, the answer is no. Just because some part of the technology can be used for haram, does not make the whole thing haram.

assalam alaykoum brother,
i bought a lot of Vechain coin but when i found that they are dealing with wine in asia, i sold it all. and started to read about coin before i buy.