VAT, Taxes, and Islamic Principles in Global Commerce

Salam 3alaykum. Can a Muslim merchant pay a tax to a non-Muslim country, knowing that part of this money will go into the coffers of, for example, a non-Muslim state’s army? When selling internationally to a client in Europe, for example, we must collect VAT and then return it to that state. Are we then responsible for what this state will do with it, for example, if the army uses its force unjustly? It is specified that VAT in some countries is a direct source of funding for the armies. However, there is the option to not collect the taxes and let the client do it through the ‘Delivery Duty Unpaid’ incoterm mechanism. But the client will still have to pay the VAT to his state on our merchandise that he bought from us, therefore we sold it to him knowing that he will pay taxes on it. A solution, please. Shukran wa hafidhakum Lah.

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