Vanguard stock and shares ISA

Salaam alaykum,

I hope you are all well. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and just want to say that I really enjoy your muslim millionaire podcast and think that you guys at IFG are doing a great job mA!

Just had a quick question to ask:

I have had an stocks and shares ISA account with Vanguard since April and been investing in the lifestrategy 100 fund, which essentially is 100% equity and no bonds. My initial incorrect beliefs were that as long as bonds weren’t involved it would be okay to invest in it. Since doing some more research and reading over your halal stock screening posts, I realised that there was an awful lot more to it than just that.

I didn’t fully understand how to do the halal stock screening myself and tried using both Zoya and Islamicly as a tool for screening. Though there were some discrepancies between the two I still do not know whether it is okay for me to continue to invest in the aforementioned fund. This is because some of the companies were considered halal whilst others not but I don’t know the ratio or the percentage (and whether it falls within the permissible % bracket or not). Would it be ok for me to continue so long as I give away some percentage and thereby purify it?

Thank you,


Walikum as salam fifi,

You need to check if the fund you have invested is shariah compliant? i don’t think vanguard offer any shariah-compliant fund.

Shariah-compliant funds will exclude investing in non-permisable sectors such as conventional banks, tobacco, alcohol etc and will also ensure that they do not have a high proportion of interest-bearing debt.

Suggest you check the IFG’s investment platform and and invest ina shariah compliant fund.