Using cracked software due to high price

Assalamu alaikum. I have some brief questions

  1. is it allowed to used cracked versions of softwares for personal use? (Study, learning, leisure game.)

  2. some softwares are highly priced, as I am a software engineer, I know it very well that many of the softwares are highly priced. And some times the way of doing the payment to buy the real software is not available to everyone. Like you need to have a International visa/mastercard. So in such cases cracked version/ buying cd from the available local shops who sell the softwares at a very cheap rate will it be ok? Please remember that the price is sometimes really high.

  3. if someone use such cracked softwares with or without knowing that it is not permitted in islam (if it is really not permitted) then what with is income? I mean, like if I prepare a halal Software/website like an e-commerce site but used a cracked version of the coding tool (IDE) in that case is that income also haram. My basic knowledge says the income is halal but I will be sinner for using the pirated software (if it is sin). As my income is mainly coming from selling the halal software.

  4. some software(coding tool) gives you free trial period. So you can install it and choose free trial option. And after one month you can again instal/auto install the software by using coding script or by installing it manually. And use the free evaluation option again and again. As there is no limit how many time you can install that software . I hope it is a halal way to use such pricy softwares.

please remember I am from a developing country and the rules of copyright aree not that much in practice. So almost everyone use crack version like windows, ms word etc.

no answer :frowning: @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal


I feel for this question. I have been in a developing country and have used pirated software in the past.
Nowadays I have moved away from that scenario.

Here are some thoughts

for personal use? (Study, learning, leisure game.)

Usually software does have an academic license that is worth exploring.

I mean, like if I prepare a halal Software/website like an e-commerce site but used a cracked version of the coding tool (IDE) in that case is that income also haram

There are lots of free IDEs to choose from.

I would actually like to ask you if you have considered using open source alternatives? Or steer yourself towards software that is more open. Which software do you use that has to be pirated? I’m a techy and can possibly answer.

Will pick random things

IDE: Use Atom/Visual studio Code/Eclipse
Video: Open Broadcaster Studio, OpenShot
Photo: GIMP (Or Figma which is online)
Operating System: Ubuntu!

There may be an initial learning curve. But things should be technically possible.


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Jazakallah khayran @ZubairLK for your input on this.

This matter is very complex and contextual. Without being a lawyer and understanding the various intricacies, I don’t have an answer and cannot really guide you on this.

The best answer is to seek legal advice and make your judgement based on that.

Allah knows best

thanks for your comment brother :slight_smile:

I could not relate this comment. Could you elaborate?

yes of course I tried to use eclipse. But do you really believe (as you are a techy person you will get my point insha Allah) that eclipse is equivalent to IDEA? specially for development of java enterprise projects?? :frowning: Each and every software of jetbrains is far more better than the other ides.

And for operating system somehow for each and every non technichal person in this country computer means windows!!! to be very specific windows 7!!! I hope you can understand. We, who are working in technical sectors for use ubintu is an option. but for normal people?


thanks for your reply.

but if some one use the legal rial versions again and again, in that case I think it is ok?

And even if the cracked software using is forbidden in that case will the earning be also haram? As the earning will come from developing halal apps.

The IDEA community edition could be an option. Especially for learning use cases.

Btw, if you are an employee, the licence liability should be with the employer.

If you are a freelancer/employer, it sounds hard, but you can make dua to grant income that enables you to purchase the idea individual license which is ~$20/month. Treat it like a utility bill expense such as DSL etc.

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It all depend on the terms and conditions.

in case employer does not pay attention to licence what can the employees do? :frowning:

I think there is a little typo in your answer. Employer/employee.

If you are an employee, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It is the employers responsibility to provide a computer, work environment, any required software etc. Your responsibility is to use your skills and code/work etc in exchange for income.

Imagine if the employer said bring your own computer, work in your own office, then deliver this piece of code. That’s not an employer. That would be a contractor/freelancer arrangement.

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thanks for correcting my typo. edited it :slight_smile:

I actually meant the employer. Like imagine you are employee of xyz company. And that company does not provide you licensed softwares! They don’t allow to use crack version either. So in that case what you and most of your colleagues do is using the evaluation version again and again!!! reinstall the product by scripts every month and use the trial version!!!

I’ve been on both sides of the equation. Employee/employer, developing/Western.

So I can totally relate to all sides and perspectives.

It’s hard. Really wish open source software was more wider spread and used in developing countries.

In an employee situation, what you can do is make dua and remember this is incorrect.

I believe there is a hadith along these lines, if you can’t change something with your hand/mouth/abhor it in heart.

I wouldn’t stress over it or fuss about it too much.


I need advice on such topic, I as a Chemical engineer need a software that I am an expert of,that I learnt on my job. Now I freelance and the cost of that software is around 28000 USD per anum and minimum term for the software is 6 years(3% escalation each year) so I need a Capital of around 200000 USD for that software. So if I have to sell my expertise can I use the crack version or pirated.