Using a VPN service to purchase cheaper products

Selamun Aleykum,

it is allowed in my country to use a VPN service. It is also not illegal to use a VPN service to purchase cheaper subscriptions in different countries like YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium costs 12€/month in Germany while it costs 1,5€/month in Turkey. Would this be still halal?

Wa alaykum salaam,

Using a VPN to purchase something by misrepresenting where you are has deception in it, and is unethical. One should avoid doing such an action.

Allah knows best

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I understand. Thank you

And to acces to content geobkocked ?

In itself, the use of a VPN cannot be considered haram, as it is a technology that may have legitimate and legitimate uses, for example to enhance privacy and security. It’s different if you just buy proxies, the security is higher and you use always yourself. However, specifically using a VPN to access services that contradict their terms of service or pricing structure can cause ethical issues.

Thank you for the info!