Use of crypto trading bot

salam ,
first of all I would like to thank you and your team for the work to be done and in sha Allah it will move forward even better in the future.
I would like to ask the question regarding classic trading bots, can we use non-Islamic trading bots, which I think buy and sell any type of crypto (without distinction I think), or is it forbidden?
Do you have any knowledge of trading bot that you think is accepted Islamically?
a big thank you and may Allah bless you, and bless all Muslims. I ask Allah to raise you in degrees to paradise.

Wa alaykum salaam,

If you use a bot and you can restrict it for shariah compliant trading, then it will be permissible.

wlkm salam Sheikh, a big thank you for your answer, i’m in belgium and unfortunately here in europe we have only bot that does not comply with charia, can you have knowledge in this kind of bots that i can subscribe to?

can I ask you a second question ,
some crypto can only be bought in pairs with USDT, on the IFG site, it is declared Gray, unfortunately I have just changed 2000 € for usdt so that I actually buy this crypto (TLM).
can i use usdt to buy cryptos, or do i have to convert it back to currency?

many thanks for your time and may Allah reward you.

Do you know of any bots that are sharia complient

Asalamualaikum brother
i wanted to ask if bot trading is allowed as the bot makes 100 trades in like an hour and the most important part which im trying to understand is that are those in my possession.
to sell i hav to hav it in my possession like there are so many trades bought and sold please clarify this