Urgent: Working as IT engineer in ALM (Asset Liability Management treasury)

Al salam alaykom,
First, I would like the IFG point of view for this matter please,
my question:
I would like to know whether it’s permissible to work as an IT engineer ( Platform Engineer) in ALMT division of an investment banking (Asset Liability Management Treasury :liquidity management, Foreign Exchange Risk management, compliance and risk, etc ) in Belgique
The work consist in making the computer infrastructure layers and the pre-installed software tools more reliable and to monitor them to fix their technical issues. Like if the disk space if full, we need to free it, like the computer is down we need to set it up, the application is not working as expected we need to troubleshoot it, etc.
I am not developing the software, I am just managing its computer underlying layers in the cloud and enhance it and making the tools used for risk calculations, liquidity management, Foreign Exchange Risk management etc are working well technically and to avoid they break down for hardware issues.

I don’t know what the applications are doing by as I read, they are primarily responsible for assessing, analyzing, and managing the risks associated with interest rates, liquidity, foreign exchange, and other financial factors within a bank or financial institution

So as IT engineer would it permissible? Please give me your point of view because I read a lot and there divergence between scholars whether it’s assisting in sin or not

Thank you very much

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam or @Mufti_Billal please. Thank you

Any update on this please?