URGENT QS: Working at a fixed income investment firm: Halal or Haram?

Salam - I have got a job offer to work at a large bond investment firm. The firms invests in fixed-interest bonds issued by large multinational companies. My job would involve:

  • Analysing the companies and whether they can pay the interest and principal of the bonds my prospective employer invests in
  • Reading the understanding the terms of the bond contract
  • Recommending whether my company should invest in those bonds based on risk-adjusted returns the firm can make from such an investment

While I will be making to recommendations to buy/sell bonds, I will not be directly buying/selling them myself. I will not be involved in writing or witnessing the bond contracts because they are drafted by banks and lawyers and I have to analyse them as given. However, by buying the bonds based on my recommendation, my firm will become a lender to the multinational company that has issued the bond.

I need to give them an answer today so I will really appreciate your response.