*URGENT HELP* - Job opportunity with Meta Virtual Reality

Asalamalaikum brothers,

Pray you are all well, I am in a dilemma and seek your advice, I currently work in marketing for consumer electronics. Traditionally I have been focussed on Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Smartwatches and Audio products. My current role is as a contractor however it is long term and gets extended each quarter/year which i have been doing now for over 2 years alhumdulilah.

I have an opportunity to work at Meta in a marketing role primarily for Virtual Reality headsets and also Smart glasses organising and creating digital content to be used in the online sales process. This is a permanent opportunity however my reservations are that a large part Virtual reality usage is for gaming in which there is questionable content (some of marketing materials will be promoting gaming content). There are other use cases for Virtual reality such as fitness and productivity which also is promoted.

I am keen to take this role as I have struggled to find permanent opportunities throughout my career and feel this would be a good benefit for my progression but want to make sure that its permissable.

JazakAllah khair


May Allah bless you.
The headsets is neutral and can be used for halal and haram purposes. There is nothing in promoting a generic headset as such. What you need to be mindful of, is to not promote the specific haram usage associated with the headsets.

And Allah knows best!