Unsure of meaning of riba

I’ve read the article ‘Think you know what riba means? Think again.’ From IFG and now I feel like I have dealt with a lot of riba. Sometimes my friends and I order out and I do not have change. To provide an example with numbers, the cost of my meal is $1.00 and the cost of my friend’s meal is 1.750. I pay for both of us using my $10.00. When I ask for money back I ask back for less than what I deserve. So instead of asking them for $1.70, I would ask for $1.00 back instead because they do not have the $0.250, they only have 1 dollar bills and I want to make it easier for them to pay me back. Is this riba because sometimes the meals are awkward numbers and I do not want them to be a pain and make them try and find coins to make up the exact change?


May Allah bless you and increase your wealth.

When you take less money than you lend to someone, this is not riba. It’s you being nice to the other person. And the little money you don’t ask back for, will count as sadaqah, and will feel heavy on the day of judgement inshaAllah.

And Allah knows best!

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May ALLAH grant you paradise inshallah! Thank you.

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