Uk bank that is ok with crypto deposits and withdrawals

salaam as above. anyone experienced? hsbc openly say not allowed all over online. revolut recently started blocking deposits to binance for me. natwest also dont allow it either…

kind of getting stuck. any alternatives or intermediaries like a sepa transfer or similar that goes unrecognnised?



I have been using monzo for deposits on a number of exchanges including binance and has worked fine so far
I havent tried withdrawing yet but deposit seems fine
If withdrawing does end up becoming a problem, you could maybe transfer usdc to coinbase or something. Then usdc to fiat (£). Then on coinbase you can transfer directly into paypal, so that should most probably be fine.
Then you can leave it in paypal or transfer from payal to bank and that should work also.
Its still abit of a pain atm, it would help if there was regulation and stuff so we dont have to jump through all these hurdles

monzo community shows some account closures for crypto. so ive asked direct in the help as i have an account. somebody has mentioned wirex to me but not looked further. not sure if anyones used that on here?


Hsbc deposits work for me on binance. Didn’t realise it said otherwise online. You can upload fiat directly by bank transfer from the hsbc app or upload using the card payment system.

Not withdrawn to hsbc before so that may be an issue not sure.