Trusted Hotel Cashier

Asalamu aleikum sheikhs/Mufti’s, am trusted with money as a Hotel cashier and the owner left me in the hands of Allah, He don’t regularly check on me.
I have used some money without telling him and I managed to pay some. But for the remaining, I was intending to pay them through this system. He told me that, he will increase my salary and I refused intending not to take the extra amount until I finished my debts, which only me and Allah knows. Is it allowed to do so? And after I finished my debts, I tell him to increase my salary now.

The money I had used from his accounts is 3 dollars, which I can even deducts from my daily pay once but is what am doing right? Taking a small debt from the money without the owner knowing and repaying it again


May Allah bless you.
Unfortunately, you cannot “repay” the money you took, by just delaying a salary increase.
Not only you will have to repay from your own money, but you also have to do tawbah. So its better you accept the increase of salary, so that you can afford to replace the money you took.

Breaking a trust is a terrible sin. Take the opportunity to make things right inshAllah.

And Allah knows best!

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