Transaction fee to buy up DEX COIN permissible?

Salaam wa3laikoum,

I have a question concerning a situation owning a DEX coin which utility is governance. However the DEX had it’s first governance vote now where a portion of every transaction made from a trading pool (for example eth/usdt) will be used to buy up the DEX coin so the liquidity of that DEX coin can increase and so the buying pressure. As there are also pools that contain haram pools (for example aave/usdt) , when people trade and pay a transaction fee, a portion of this fee also use to buy up this DEX coin. The transaction fee is not payed out to the DEX holder, but rather the DEX governance coin goes up in price because of the activity going up. Makes this holding such a DEX coin now impermissible to buy and hold?

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Djazzak Allahhoe Ghairan,


@Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal