Trading212 settlement time

Asalam alykum

I spoke with 3 different trading212 live chat people and I asked all 3 the same question regarding settlement time. All three said there is no specific time mentioned as it may take longer with some stocks over others. One said it happens immediately, the second didn’t have a clear answer and the third said some stocks may settle immediately and some may take a few days depending on many factors regarding the individual stock with one of the main factors being liquidity. So based on this I was wondering if it is fine to sell a stock with high liquidity like NIO after only a day and others with low liquidity atleast 2 days.

Jazak Allah khair

Wa alaykum salaam,

Did they highlight liquidity as a key factor for the speed of settlement?

Jazak Allah khair for the response, yes it was said to be the main factor amongst others