Trading perpetual swaps with leverage halal? (no expiry date)

Salam brothers. Perpetual swaps are futures contracts without an expiry date. It was invented by BitMEX. There is one thing to note about perpetual swaps, funding rate.

What is funding rate? A payment from longers to shorters, or vice versa, every period. The period is usually 3 times a day (BitMEX, Binance, CoinFLEX) or 24 times a day (FTX), depending on the exchange. Please read this part ( and this (,equal%20to%20the%20Interest%20Rate) to know how the formula is calculated. You can see that there’s premium index and interest rate invovled in the formula. Brother do you think it is ok to pay the funding rate or receive it when holding a position? How about contracts with 0 interest rate, like BNBUSDT, LINKUSDT and LTCUSDT on Binance. I think they should be halal becuase it’s perpetual and have 0 interest.

My other question is: sometimes the funding rate is 0 at some markets at some exchanges. For example, YFIUSD at CoinFLEX. I think they should be halal because they are perpetual and have no funding payment.

What do you think about these two scenarios above brother?

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam Would you be able to provide any clarification on this please?

Also requesting an update please, I have seen this response from the BitMex team stating it isn’t interest, but would like to be sure:

Can we get clarification on this please? im also interested, the platform itself is saying there is no interest

please brothers, bitmex also has quarterly swaps with no funding at all, so the only payments are commissions on entry and exit, does that make it halal to trade it with leverage if theres 0 interest?

Salam Alikom,
Did anybody reach to a conclusion?