The IFG view en SOL

Assalaamu 'alaikum to everyone. I hope you all doing well.

I would like to have more clarification on the IFG view of Solana.

"View 1 is that although the platform and token can be used in a sharia compliant way, staking might be questionable, if not haram as it involves validating non sharia compliant transactions. View 2 is that the platform is an agnostic thing providing a ledger technology and you are being remunerated for participating in its functioning and as such there is nothing problematic about holding SOL or staking it. This is the IFG view."

Even in view 1 is it permissible to HOLD (only) solana and sell later with a profit. It would mean here that the investor does not intend to stake.

Please believe me, I just want to know the position of the Team, I am not trying to have a complete analysis without paying for it.

Many thanks for your great work.