Takaful - UK Options

Assallam alaikum

I have been researching about Islamic Insurance (Takaful), particularly around Life Insurance in the UK and as as far I can tell there are no viable options or any alternatives ( I would be happy if anyone could point out what I have missed)

Also, I have found out that there are many successful Takaful firms which operate in Malaysia and the Gulf countries. Does anyone know of any Takaful Operator who is willing to take on a UK based Client?

There are various arguments/ post/ articles on this site that may suggest that UK based contemporary LIFE insurance products could be halal provided that they do not invest/operate in any UnIslamic practices ( but that is extremely difficult to discern). Hence my thought process is that why take a chance and do some due diligence.

Jazakallah khair to have read this post so far

Wa alaykum salaam,

At present, I am aware of some efforts to develop Takaful offerings in the UK. However, life takaful is not on the radar as far as I’m aware.

According to the majority of scholars, conventional life insurance products are not Shariah compliant.