Suggestion: IFG should create their own 'Pie Library' in Trading212

Great new feature by Trading212 that will allow IFG members to invest in halal stocks screened by IFG/associated Muftis


This is a terrific idea!

Can we make this happen please!

Great idea.

You can also create a portfolio pie using the holdings from ‘HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index IC’ and ‘iShares MSCI World Islamic ETF Dist (USD)’.

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Thats good to hear-has anyone created a pie that they can share?

Bumping this thread

Can we have this IFG brothers? Would help us a lot

that is a wonderful idea and hoping @ibrahimkhan to put on his list :slight_smile:

It is a good idea - we are definitely planning to share all our stock investing ideas and research notes this year. We’ll be sharing on our telegram groups and discussing them there but then thereafter probably also make follow-ups YT videos and articles too iA. Hopefully we don’t lose it all lol.

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Has this happened yet been about 2.5 years since this post.

Dont think so. Ive got two that you may like

One pie with practical islamic finance guys best 2 performing etfs

And 2nd one is a copy of the funds wahed invest uses except i added a 2nd emerging market one as it was mising one of the sukuk funds they use

Its at equal percentages where as wahed may invest at diffo percentages according to their algorithm