Stocks Telegram FAQ

Salam guys

This is a live FAQ (that all community members should add to) that has come about as our very active Telegram group regularly gets asked the same questions.

So I thought sensible to just park all answered questions in one place for everyone to be able to easily access.

First, these are the Telegram groups - feel free to join:
:speech_balloon: Stocks groups:
:speech_balloon: Property/Fixed Returns Group:
:speech_balloon: VC/PE/Debt Group:
:speech_balloon: Our Crypto Chat Group:

Get Started Investing

Best place to compare investments:

#notfinancialadvice but: you want stocks, a fixed income element, and a high growth element
Stocks: DIY, Wahed, buy a fund
Fixed income: DIY, Yielders, Godwin, Qardus
High growth: IFG.VC (but also arguably Introcrowd, and HNW Yielders deals)

Stocks: 30-50%
Fixed income: 20-40%
High growth: 10-30%
and how you decide on that spectrum is by looking at:

  1. your aims
  2. your total pot
  3. your risk appetite
  4. how illiquid/liquid you need investments to be
  5. impact/ethical considerations
  6. time

1. I’m totally new to stock market investing - any advice?
Start here >>

2. Which is the best/cheapest investment platform?
Trading212 is the general view for ISAs on this group.
There is also DEGIRO, AJ Bell, Hargreaves Lansdowne. This video has a nice review of the broker options:
If you use these brokers use the below links to support IFG content:
AJ Bell
Hargreaves Lansdowne
M1 Finance

3. Do you have a list of Sharia-Compliant ETFs
ISWD* ISDW** Developed Markets Stocks
ISUS* USA Stocks
ISDE** Emerging Markets Stocks
AMAP* AMAL** World Stocks

  • means it’s in GBP
    ** means it’s in USD

4. When is the stock market going to crash?
We don’t know.
“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves.” – Peter Lynch

5. trading beginners guide (with thanks to Hassan for this)
Trading basics:

6. Reading list

  1. Peter Lynch - One up on Wall St
  2. Benjamin Graham - Intelligent Investor
    (A friend of mine is a fund manager and he said these are must reads)
  3. Jack Shwager - Stock Market Wizards series. (Interesting as these are interviews with real people who made ridiculous returns, in very different ways)
  4. Guy Thomas - Free Capital. Similar to the above…i.e. real people.