Static Home Investments - Hammonds

Salaam Alaykum

I have come across an investment opportunity with Concept Capital Group Ltd and Hammonds, where you invest in a static home that is then let to social housing tenants and you reap the rental returns.

There are some details on Zoopla here:

The following is a summary of the features/benefits:

  1. Fixed annual yield of £3,999.90 - income paid via local authority
  2. Secured income opportunity - (planning permission granted by local council)
  3. Tangible asset, insured for the full term at a value of £30,000 by Allianz
  4. First rental payment after 60 days
  5. FCA registered company - visit our profile on the FCA’s register
  6. Buy back option after 24 months for the original purchase price of £39,999
  7. Fully managed, hassle free investment - all repairs and maintenance covered by Social Park Housing Ltd
  8. No stamp duty
  9. No agency or administration fees
  10. Helping an individual or a family to find a safe and quality home

I wanted to know whether you had come across this type of investment before and whether it is shari’ah compliant?

I have also received an investment contract from them which I can send if that helps?

Barak Allah feekum

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Assalaamu alaykum, yes, please send the investment contract through for review.

Jazakum Allah khayr, see links below to contract and brochure.

Link to Contract:

Link to Brochure:

Can you paste them as documents here please

It’s not allowing me to upload pdf here, so I have sent you via email as attachments.

Jazakum Allah khayr

Sorry, the email has rebounded as well! Do you have an email address that I can forward the attachments to, as I am unable to upload here?

Barak Allah feekum,

Sure, email me on [email protected].

I will review via email and comment here for the benefit of the forum.

Salaam alaykum, did you get a chance to review the contract that I emailed to you?

Jazak Allah khayr