Spaceport a crypto game

Selam Aleykum,

I notice that there is a “hype” for crypto gaming and I found one of these games which is called “Spaceport”. The system is pretty simple, you earn their currency SPC for playing the game. In order to earn SPC you must have already purchased SPC. Lets say you have purchased 100$ in SPC. For playing, you can earn 5% of your current SPC holding, which would be 5$. They explained it on the website that 5% percent of each transaction is used for the liquidity and they also mentioned that it charges a 10% tax for the prize pool which is used as rewards. The 10% tax is also going to be used for the jackpot. I have heard that the jackpot is currently unavailable. As I said, that this is a game, so they have a leaderboard and among these people, which are the top 10, three of them get the jackpot. This part makes me curious because I do not know if this is gambling. I know that you will not do token screening, I just want to know if it is haram to participate in this project where this jackpot system will be involved?

Here is the link to their website:

Thanks in advance