SOLO and COREUM halal?

Salam alikoem brothers and sisters i please need your help. I am investing in SOLO (sologenic) and Coreum these coins are from XRP ledger as I understand. Are these coins halal? Please help me I need to know before I become crazy.

Barakkalhoe fiekom

I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency judgments on being (halal or haram) and i wanna know about $Coreum Also,

But about $solo, i knew a while ago that tokens/coins that belongs to dex’s and cex’s do tend to be haram, that being said, I think $Solo has the same issue.

But im not sure about coreum, I wanna know also and waiting for a reply because I invested in it and with my Minor knowledge of sharia laws about cryptocurrencies, coreum “should” be halal after reading their whitepaper, need an official response to this though.