Software engineering for ticket purchases

Al Salam Alykum

I am currently working as a Backend and DevOps Engineer specializing in setting up infrastructure for cloud solutions like creating cloud servers and also doing some API development.

The software I am currently working on is a online ticketing system for shows. I am not well aware of the content of these shows, I can only see their posters which few of them have women wearing short dresses. Other shows can be for children like lion king, other shows are more self development. I cannot really tell the percentage of each genre shows, but I can spend sometime to figure this out if needed. Also during the checkout flow of the ticket purchase, the user can purchase alcohol, but I have abstained on working on that part.

I don’t work directly with this ticketing company, I am a contractor who gets paid per day and send invoices at the end of each month.

Please advice me on this job wether it is permissible or not.

@Mufti_Billal, @Mufti_Faraz_Adam please provide your guidance, thanks.

Another point that I forgot to mention that some of the shows are musicals and concerts.


May Allah bless you.
Can you provide more details of the role you performing and how are you helping with the ticketing system?

I am software engineer who works in the team showing shows information like title, dates, availability and others. I don’t work on the frontend side, only the backend part that’s responsible for retrieving the shows data from the Database.