Shocking halal stock became haram


Some time ago I purchased stock in a tech company. The reason for the investment was the result of my due diligence. I found the company strategy, financials and lawfulness excellent. I was also excited to learn that on the balance sheet, the company recently became debt free! A white whale in an ocean where the overwhelming majority of companies have debt.

Today as I was perusing the financial quarter report, I was shocked to read that the debt free company I invested in took on $1.5 billion dollars of haram debt placing the debt to equity ratio at well over 250% !

I want to jump ship as this has now transformed into an unislamic venture with riba involved.

The question becomes, to what extent can I islamically recover my initial investment? E.g if I invested £10,000 and the current value is £7000, do I have to liquidate my share asap or can I wait until the value reaches back to £10,000?

Please advise.