Shipping business with free money back (not sure if it's insurance)

Assalamu alaikum, I had a business plan for shipping items around the world / domestically. The main point is every shipment will be “insured” and there will be no offer to increase or have it lessened or have it at 0.

I say it in quotation marks as its very loose. I see it as the equivalent of me shipping a product from the business and sending it uninsured and then paying out of pocket the cost of the product that got damaged or lost and refunding the buyer and paying out to a seller.

It’s complicated but I was wondering if there was a way to do this.

Could it be done where I accept payment via a platform, receive the goods. Then ship it out taking a certain cut. I ship the goods uninsured out. If the item goes missing the customer gets a full refund and the seller gets the money minus my cut back.

The way around this is the cut I will take will be quite large to begin with. I just want to provide a shipping solution where people specifically Muslims don’t worry about it getting lost.