Shiba Inu....Halal or Haram?

Alssalamu Alaykum wa rahmatu ALLAHI wa barakatu. Hello brothers, this is a very important topic that I have been researching for months, but I still can’t find a proper answer for. Shiba inu is the crypto of the moment and there is a lot of debate around its permissibility. However, things have also changed. Now, this crypto is used as a medium of exchange because it’s accepted by many services and even small stores. Also, it’s used for charity and so on. My question is … Is Shiba Inu HALAL OR HARAM? Because it seems that as Muslims we are always the last to join new business ideas that initially are considered haram and then, when prices rise, we consider them halal. I hope I will receive a definitive answer from reliable sources, that can help me and many other brothers to make good choices and still stay on the right path. Thank you
Kind regards.