Sharia compliant game analysis

Salaam wa3laikoum,

I am researching a metaverse project named cornucopias (ticker: COPI) from an shariah compliant view.

The metaverse is build around 3 pillars: play-to-earn , build-to-earn and learn-to-earn. In one section the people can do one of these. So they can build a building using wood or make biofuel for a car, play games and earn gold which can be turned into COPI (governance token mainly) In an other place people can buy domes (large lands which can be build for business perspective or commercialization). People can build for example a meeting place for a brand, but people are also possible to build a concert (which of course is haram).

I am very confused because a lot of elements in the metaverse are from a business perspective for attracting people or learning (partnerships with universities), which i don t see anything harm in it and can stimulate business, but also the metaverse is a place where somebody can play for entertainment, earn money buy building a land and sell it as an NFT. And on the other hand before playing you make your avatar (for example the women don’t wear hijab, and someone can decide to build a concert on a dome).

Makes investing in such a token like COPI it haram?

I would be very thankful for your advice within my journey to earn money in the crypto world on a halal way.

@Mufti_Billal @Mufti_Faraz_Adam