Share of company at school

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtu
I’m a student that takes part in Young Enterprise club at school where we, students have created our own business. Initially to fund the business we bought a £10 share in the company. Later it was decided that we would use some of the initial share money raised to hold a raffle to raise more money- which we did. We then used some of the share money and some of the raffle money to fund the production of children’s story books, which we are selling.
The company is soon going to end and we are going to get out share back, which is probably going to be more than £10.
My question is wether my share I will receive will be halal or not, as we did do a raffle. However I should mention that initially I didn’t know that we would do the raffle, and I was working on another team that was dealing with the story books, not the raffle. Also most of the money we have made has been through the story book selling (but it was funded by the raffle). Please guide me on wether my share will be halal or not?


May Allah bless you.

Would you know what percentage of the capital amount invested in the books is from the raffle money?


Yes. From the raffle we invested 30% of the money earned into the book production and development.

And the share we will get at the end will also consist of the money from the raffle that we didn’t invest or spend

After having a discussion with IFG co-founder Mohsin, it can be said that your situation have two possible outcomes. One is to not purify anything from your profit.
One the other hand, a cautious approach would be to give away 30% of the profit into charity.

What ever you decide to do, it will be fine inshaAllah.

And Allah knows best!