Shall i quit my job?

I have been working in a digital agency as a website developer for more than 4 years. My key responsibility is to write web programming codes to build a website for different brands.

None of the website has option to sell those brands product. But 50% of the brands are related to Alcohol. Which i am worried about.

I consulted with some local Scholars about my job and they suggested I can continue until I get any better job than this. But still I am very confused.

Is my job is Haram, shall i quit it as soon as possible?

Assalaamu alaykum brother,

We would need to know exactly what you do and what do you do specifically for the alcohol related companies?

Wa alaykumu s-salam,

So, basically I write web programming codes to implement a website. There is a design team who share us design, texts, images etc. We incorporate them in our codes as per the given design and make sure design fits perfectly for different devices. For example: laptop, ipad or mobile phones.

What does your code do? What service does it provide to the client?

For Example: this is how my codes look like: view-source:

After hosting codes and it’s related assets, it will will look like this website

The website reflects the brand history, it’s features, blogs etc.

*Note: the website I shared is not coded by me, but the liquor brand website looks pretty much like it.

Assalamo Aleikum Mahbub.

I would be good to know if you got an answer from this?