Sending funds to minning platforms

Assalamualaikum, my question is that there are so many crypto project coming up nowadays some on minning applications while others on telegram or as airdrops, one cannot tell which one is sharia compliant and which is not, if i may be correct, all the crypto screening platforms i know only screens tokens that have been launched, even at that, the screening process is not a very fast one, now the issue is that some of these project requires one to pay gas fees or money for some features on the platforms, what i plan to do is that from my little knowledge of shari’a if i don’t see any haram activity or feature on the token of each these projects, i will pay for what is necessary in other not be disqualified, then when each of these tokens are launched i will enquire for their screening from sharia experts, if it’s turns out to be sharia compliant then Alhamdulillah, if other wise, i will give everything out as gift or charity, please what will be the ruling on this approach from a sharia perspective.