Selling via amazon, daraz, ali express

Assalamu alaikum. I hope you and your family are safe and sound by the grace of Almighty.
I have a question regarding selling via e commerce site (like amazon, daraaz etc)

to sell product through these sites one needs to do like below (more or less procedure is same). For example-

  1. I need to register as a seller/merchant in their website.
  2. I will show my products (as image) in their site.
  3. people will see my products and order in their website. And if they like my products they will order in their website. And do the payment to them. (I hope we all know how we buy products through such websites).
  4. Then the website authority will manage to pick the product from me (via sending their pick up boy), take the product to their warehouse/ closest hub.
  5. After that they will sort the products and send the products to the the respective hubs which are near to the delivery area.
  6. And after that they manage to delivery the product to the customer.
  7. And for each sale I do via their site they will charge me a commission. like if the product price they receive was 100 dollar. They will charge me 10 dollar and transfer 90 dollar to my account. It is not that they transfer the amount just after each and every delivery is done. But sometimes it takes 3/4 days. Sometimes after 3/4 transactions are completed.

Is it ok? My hope it is ok. They are working as my agent to sell the product.


May Allah bless you.

Yes if you have the products in your possession at the time of adverting them on the website then it is fine.

And Allah knows best!

thanks foe your reply.

I have an other question

for my business (when I started it) I bought many products via dropshipping. At that time (from doing the payment and then getting the product, sometimes cash on delivery) I did not know about the sharia law regarding this.
Again for some products I completed the money transfer and after that the sharia rule was known to me. So I could not cancel it. And I promised people to sell product to them. So could not break my promise.

Now the product that I have purchased via improper transaction (according to sharia) do I need to throw them? I already have sold many of those product. Do I need to throw away that money? If I need to do so, It is a huge amount for me. and the money that I invested in my business was the money I got from my salary. Do I need to throw away the product and money?

@Mufti_Billal waiting for you reply bhai. :frowning:

No you do not need to throw the products away or give away any money.

And Allah knows best!