Selling products and taking inventory

When selling products on Amazon using the FBA model, I get products made from china and they go straight to the amazon warehouse. I know this is okay as I own the products. However, my only concern with it is, whilst I trust the manufacturer to make the product to the standard I expect - I cannot see this other than 1 sample (if requested) - so I would be selling something which i don’t know the quality of to customers. Is this okay and do I need the sample every time I bulk order?

Additionally, I paid the manufacturer before they made my product. I know there is some criteria it needs to meet but I’m not certain on this. We agreed on the price and the product. However, just before sending my products to Amazon warehouse they did it in the wrong colour. I was okay with this and went ahead with the deal. It was covered by Alibaba trade assurance. Is this okay?

I just wanted to add that my product has different colours for different sizes, however, the company which I bought from can only send me pictures with 1 colour for 1 size. This meant that I had to edit the picture to make it more accurately represent the colours for the different sizes - but won’t be absolutely the same colour for that size. Also in the edited picture it still shows the letter ‘L’ for the small and medium sizes because I was unable to edit this - so is this okay as the customer can still return the product if it doesn’t meet the expectations he had?

May Allah bless you.

You do not need to request for a sample for the same product all the time if you trust the manufacturer.

If they made the wrong product, then it is up to you to decide if you wish to go ahead with it or not. Its not a sin to accept a product who was not made according to the description. However, you must ensure that you are selling these products according to the correct description of the item.

I don’t know if Alibaba trade assurance is shariah compliant, so I cannot comment if you should be using it or not

And Allah knows best!

Jazakallah khair,
I just need some clarifications. Would it be okay to edit the picture to make it look like the product the customer would expect?
When manufacturing products and paying beforehand is there any criteria to make sure this is a halal transaction?
Finally, Alibaba trade assurance is if product quality and time of delivery is wrong then they will assess using our chat contact (between manufacturer and me) to determine whether we can get a refund. The manifacturer signs up to this scheme so more customers are likely to trust them.