Selling Digital Products on Etsy or any other platforms are HALAL

For Explanning my query . Let me tell u as an Example

Let’s say . I made an account of etsy for selling colour pages in terms of digital products (itll be downloaded to their computer once I send them) .

Before posting the item. I paid a freelancer for that item and he delivered it to me. Selling the item the freelancer gave me and then I am selling it on etsy.

Will that be halal?

Wa alaykum salaam,

Yes, this seems fine.

Before posting the item, as long as you buy, receive, then sell on the platform, it will not be a problem.

Allah knows best

Thank you for replying

Is it possible that I buy after … I got purchased by my client

Is this way Halal?

Can we sell the products for which we didn’t pay just downloaded?