Seeking Advise on leaving a employment with just over £15k savings

Assalamu alaikum wrwrb all

inshaAllah you all are well and may this coming Ramadan be your best yet. Ameen.

Looking for advise on whether to take voluntary redundancy (with possible another 10-15k) from my cyber security trainee job with no certification. I feel that studying new subjects is very difficult at age of around 35+.

The employees there are facing possible job or change of role cuts in the next 4-6 months due to merger of departments with overlaps.

If I take this voluntary redundancy and instead of taking the the other risk of staying, what would the brothers and sisters here say about the current UK economy and how much more worse would the cost of living get?

if i take this voluntary redundancy, i will probably train as a driving instructor or something like HGV delivery driver.

Also your thoughts on anything else that i should think about before making a decision or questions you feel i should be asking myself or people here to make better informed decision?

Your advise and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Jazak Allah khairen