Sarwa robo advisory service

Salaam Alaikum

I pray you are in the best of health and Iman , Insha’Allah.

I have recently been in touch with Sarwa the roboadvisary service regarding their halal portfolio, based on the review on IFG.

Not being a financial expert, I wanted to ensure I would have no trouble calculating dividend purification for any non halal activity.

Please see their latest correspondence below :

Currently, the only kind of purification report that we have available is provided directly through BlackRock which I shared with you previously. You can access their purification table for each ETF via the following links:

ISDU - US Total Stocks
ISDW - Developed Markets
ISDE - Emerging Markets

We exclusively use BlackRock iShares Islamic funds that invest in hundreds of companies which are fully compliant with Shariah investment principles. Each has been approved by MSCI’s Shariah advisors’ committee of Shariah scholars. I attach a PDF which outlines MSCI’s Islamic Index Methodology for your review and reference.

The information that you provided is helpful as we are in the process of revamping our Halal portfolios and would also like to include a simpler, more accessible purification report for our investors. This will be combined with better diversification through gold and sukuk ETFs.

**I hope this is sufficient for you to be able to start your investment journey with us as we would love to have you both as a client and look forward to unveiling the new Halal portfolio very soon.

I have had a look at the purification report which is the form of a table I and am still unclear on how to read it and do the calculation.

I would be grateful for any guidance on this.

Jazakallahu khairun


Salaam Alaikum,

I hope i have posted this in the right forum

I would like to decide whether to invest in this fund and would be grateful for some guidance as I am particularly cautious about failing to dispose of non halal income no matter how small the amount. Also, according to your knowledge, were i to invest in Blackrock ishares Islamic myself through a company like AJ Bell would I need to to go through these purification tables myself or do they provide a simple calculation on their dividend statements?

Jazakallahu khairun

Assalaamu alaykum,

You can rely on the the information provided by Sarwa, there is no issue in that.

I have not seen the purification report issued by Blackrock ishares Islamic. Maybe you can request them for an old copy as a sample.

Sheikh Faraz, can I please ask that is it allowed to invest in shariah-compliant assets (as offered by sarwa, as sarwa says)?

jazak Allahu khairn ya sheikhna.