Salary after promotion

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu alaikum
Recently I have got promoted alhamduLillah. Mainly my managers took consideration the things like time maintaining, work efficiency, following rules, timely doing job etc.
My office is basically very much strict about maintaining office time i.e entrance and exit time. As currently we all are doing work from home it is very common that we pass some time with family members, doing some household chores, and sleeping for sometime.

  1. If I complete the work according to the dictation if my manager, emoloyer or customers and DO it with in the given deadline then, is my such timepass and the salary I got is haram?
  2. If I manage time for some other earnings with in the office time (40/50 min) and does not hamper my office task (complete it properly with in the time) will my this second earning be haram?
    3)Will my increased salary ( as i am promoted) be haram? Because beside checking my efficiency, work pattern they also consider issues like maintaining office hour properly. Which I did not maintained 100% porperly. I honestly, don’t know for which reasons they gave me promotion actually(many more colleagues of mine also got it) . But I hope the base reason was my work performance and doing job properly (almost) everytime, alhamduLillah. As we are doing work from home I think more or less evryone does some time pass here and there! As the total environment is not same as office!
    Please give a reply when you see this. May Allah bless you.

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