Running a URL shortening website

Salamu Alaykum!

I have a website that allows users to shorten their links (like They can shorten the URL of any website, which could be, for instance, a phishing attack page (page to steal users’ credentials) or a pornographic website for that matter. For clarification, the short links generated in my website redirect to users’ original links, I don’t host the content. Plus I don’t showcase any links on my website, it’s up to them to share the short link…

At most I can ban all porn links and most malicious links (with the help of blacklists), but if they want to redirect to some haram content (music) I wouldn’t know

Could the entirety of this service be haram because of those minority of malicious user-generated links? Or is it like, for example, selling a writing software (like Word) and then people can use it to write haram stuff (if that’s halal to begin with :sweat_smile:)

P.S. it’s a renowned service, and widely used for many purposes like marketing to track campaigns…

Baraka Allah fikum brothers!