Ruling on a specific business resembling dropshipping

Assalamu alaikum

My question is about working as an employee in an organization whose business resembles dropshipping.
In this regards, I have gone through the Youtube video and also the IFG post Fatwa: Is Dropshipping/Drop Servicing Halal?

I still have some confusions so I am posting them in this thread.

The business model of the specific organization is as follows:

  1. The organization catalogs a range of items on their website, from mobile phones to motorbikes to clothing.
  2. All the items are clearly described, with model, brand, pictures, description, etc.
  3. Shipments are made by the organization itself, and the delivery receipt is also issued in the organization’s name.
  4. The organization website contains policies for quality assurance and faulty product replacement. It also mentions a ‘money-back’ clause in case the product is not available at the manufacturer’s end after order placement.

My confusions:

  1. The organization accepts both pre-payment and after-delivery payment, with refund option for problematic product allowed in both cases. I am under the impression that in a Salam Sale the buyer has to pay in full beforehand. So is after-delivery payment an issue here?
  2. The delivery date is ambiguously defined … like 2-3 business days within the same city, and 5-7 business days otherwise. Is it necessary to put a concrete date of delivery?

Thanks and regards
Shoeb Muhammad Moniruzzaman
Dhaka, Bangladesh