Ruling of NFT Minting

assalamou alaikom,
may allah bless you all.
I had a question about NFT minting, the ruling of nft’s is already discussed in this forum. But what is the ruling of minting nft’s.
Minting is when you buy an nft before the collection is revealed, so you dont know what precise nft from the collection you will get only after you have paid the price for it. Let’s say you wanted to mint an NFT from the ‘‘bored apes’’ collection. if you mint you will get 1 of the 10 000 nft’s from the collection, but you dont know which one of the 10 000 you get only after a certain amount of time (it can range from seconds after you have paid, to days after it). is this بيع المجهول ? and did the hanfi’s allow this beceause لأنه فيه إشارة الى جنس المبيع? beceause before you paid the price, you know approximately how it will look like. beceause you have seen an example of what a ''bored ape" looks like. The apes in the collection have common traits with each other (the shape, the fact that it is an ape etc…), and traits where they differ from each other (color, what they wear etc…).

(*edit: there is also a price difference between the nft’s in the collection. So if you are lucky and mint a rare nft from the collection, you will be able to sell it for way more)

Sorry for my long explenation, i don’t know if it was needed or not.
Thank you brothers for your help and may allah grant you jannah.

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i am interested in this answer as well, i would also add that sometimes the mint is for free in that you don’t pay the issuers and money, you just pay for the transaction cost on the eth chain for example,

really curious about this, i was questioning if this falls under بيع المجهول , but i am not familair with “فيه إشارة الى جنس المبيع” exception if any.

I read it in an article, after the author showed the opinions of the hanafi scholars on بيع المجهول he summarized it by saying:
وبعد هذا العرض يتبين أن في المذهب الحنفي قولين في بيع مجهول الجنس:

  1. قول يفهم من المتون ظاهره جواز بيع مجهول الجنس وهو ضعيف في المذهب وإن رجحه بعض الحنفية.

  2. قول يفهم من عبارتي المبسوط وتنوير الأبصار من جواز بيع مجهول الجنس بشرط الإشارة إليه إن كان حاضراً، أو إلى مكانه إن كانت الإشارة إلى المكان تتضمن جهالة يسيرة وهذا ما أخذ به ابن الهمام وابن عابدين.

here is the link to the article for more detail:

thank you for sharing this, it was insightful to me.