Revolut premium account

Dear Mufti’s,

My question is related to the mobile banking app revolut which I have been using to transfer money from my bank account here in the Middle East to my personal bank account in the UK.

If I was subscribe to the premium account which annually costs around £60, I benefit through reduced transfer fees from my revolut account to my UK personal account. However, the premium account also states that I will get the additional benefit of interest (0.63%) added if I keep my money inside the revolut account, which i believe is haraam.

Could I instead open up the revolut premium account and use it for direct transfers from my Middle East bank account to Uk account (so not holding money in revolut but just using as a medium for transfer) so this way I can try to avoid the interest but still benefit from the reduced transfer fees?

Wa alaykum salaam,

Some scholars are of the view that by entering into an account or agreement which has potential interest is not Shariah compliant.

Other scholars are of the view that as long as you can abstain from triggering the interest benefits, it is permissible given the circumstances.

I am also inclined to second view which is the view of my teachers. It is a loan contract and conditions in loan contracts are not the same as conditions in an exchange-based contract in the Fiqh principles.

Allah knows best