Revolut Career Permissibility

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I noticed this question has been asked before although the response was fairly generic.

With Revolut being a non-conventional bank, their revenue streams are predominantly through fees, my question is whether working for them in a role that does not directly involve any haram services or products is permissible?

Wasalam wr

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Revolut is certainly not a conventional bank, hence the question. They don’t even have a banking license in the UK.

Aleykum selam,
Revolut is a bank in the EU (they even give credits here).
In the UK it is an E-Money institution.

I do not know how E-Money instituions are regulated in the UK.
In the EU an e-money institution is required by law to either hold customer funds in a trust account at a bank or invest them in certain assets (e.g., cash equivalents, government bonds, debt instruments). Customer funds may also be protected by insurance.

Revolut also offers its customers to buy stocks, commodities, crypto and change currencies. Even forward transactions for currency exchange.