Recording fictitious accounting entries for a company selling smuggled gold

Assalamu alaikum.
I’ve been offered a job as an Accounts Assistant (with perhaps a few Admin related duties) in a Jeweller’s shop.

Due to exorbitant duties and taxes, gold is not imported in my country, instead it is smuggled in through the black channel. This is the norm with all jewellery companies running here.
So this is my first concern - working for a company that is violating the law by evading custom duties.

Since the gold is brought in illegally, its purchase cannot be recorded in the books of accounts. And if the purchase is not recorded, there can be no Sales. This is why jewellers’ accountants are required to indulge in window dressing.

The owner (my prospective employer) explained to me that 2 books of accounts are maintained. One with actual records and the other with fictitious records. My job will be to record entries for both. In plain words, to dress up lies and present them to look like facts.

I was also informed that the company has had a Shari’ee audit done.

Would my income be halal if I work in a company that sells smuggled gold + requires me to create fictitious accounting entries?

JazakAllah khair.


May Allah bless you.
If your role necessitates direct involvement in dishonest activities, then it poses a problem.
Does the shariah board or shariah auditor know about this? can they be informed anonymously?

If you can afford to leave this job, then I would highly recommend you to do so.