Receiving money/assets query

Salaam Muftis,

My dad works as a taxi driver and is paid mostly cash in hand. When he’s recording how much he earned in the week or month for tax purposes, he deliberately writes down that he earned less than he actually made, just so he doesn’t have to pay more tax. As we all know this is common practice amongst people who earn cash in hand, although it’s clearly a wrong thing to do. Obviously the majority of his income is halal, but the part he withholds for tax reasons is questionable.

My question is, whenever my dad gives me money, for example on Eid, birthdays etc, or if he ever gifts me something like a property or transfers it to my name or I inherit it from him, is that money or asset fine for me to accept and halal for me? As I understand it, whenever money or something exchanges hands or is given to someone else, it is purified for the person receiving it and is therefore fine for them to accept it. However I’d just like to double check this with you.

Thanks in advance and may Allah bless you.

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May Allah bless you,
Yes the money given to you is halal.
The money your dad kept was also halal in itself, as it is still money which he has lawfully earned.
However, breaking the law and not declaring true earnings to cheat the taxation system is unacceptable from an Islamic perspective.

And Allah knows best!