Questions related to cryptocurrency

  1. There is a new token which is yet to be launched, called SAVI (the native token of CoinSavi) exchange.

According to their whitepaper, it derives its value from the revenue generated from the exchange such transaction fees (which may including fees from future trading) and other activities, supply mamagement, and user attraction. It’s utilities include revenue sharing, and trading fee discount. Speculation also derives its value. Can this token be Halal?

  1. There’s another token which is being mined at the moment, called OTARA of Imota Wallet. Imota is an ads platform. The Holders’ of OTARA token share Revenue generated from the ads and other activities of the ecosystem, or wallet (and they’re going deploy their DEX later). Can this coin also be Halal?

  2. Some projects like the Islamic Coin have fixed staking staking reward mechanism. For example, their staking reward is fixed at 7.8%, so as a staker, I definitely know that if stake 1000 Coins my annual reward is 78 coins. Is there anything wrong with that?