Questions on the IFG-2 year majallah class?

As salam aleykum,

First please excuse me if ask this question at the wrong place, but I didn’t find anywhere else to ask.

I am looking to enroll in the IFG-2 year majallah class, but I have a few questions:

  1. Since this course began at July 1, is there any specific plan for me joining at the end of december to catch-up and be able to follow live classes ?

  2. You written that the majallah is “hanafi in flavour”, I personnaly follow the maliki madhab, so will I be able to apply personnaly what I’m studying ?

  3. As I am new to this field and what is existing in the learning space, I would like to know the difference and the benefits of this class compared to other Islamic Finance courses such as those of the Ethica Institute ?

Thank you in advance !

Assalaamu alaykum,

  1. You are welcome to join now. There are several new students joining the course.

  2. We generally discuss contemporary views and highlight where the classical madhabs differ. The book is Hanafi but it used to navigate the discussion.

  3. All courses have benefit. This is a much more in depth and intensive study. Our view is develop the cohort into real Islamic Finance practitioners. We have several industry practitioners lecturing, discussions, Q&A and a thorough review of the classical and contemporary Islamic finance structures and products.