Question on zakat on stocks: need to wait a year?

Salaam oe alaykum,

My question is regarding zakat on stocks and crypto. I was already above the nisab before starting investing and my zakat due date is on day X. However, on day X I haven’t owned the stocks and crypto for one year yet. Do I need to wait a year since my first stock/coin and then pay its zakat, or do I use my zakat due date based on the money I own and hence do not need to wait a year for the stocks/coins?
This same question applies for gold and silver. If I receive some gold, do I wait for 1 year to pay its zakat or do I use day X, even if that is already after a few months?

Jzk and really hope to hear from you asap.

Wa alaykum salaam,

You do not need to wait for a year. You will pay Zakat on your Zakat anniversary of all the Zakatable assets even if you did not own all of them for a year.

Allah knows best