Question about calculating zakat on foreign currencies

As-salaamu 'alaykum

My question concerns zakat

In Algeria, in order to get foreign currencies such as euros, no official exchanges are available and we get these currencies from individuals in the black markets, the official exchange rate is about 1 euro = 160 dinars, but the black market rate is about 1 euro = 210 dinars, and that is what people like me pay in order to exchange currency.

I have got a foreign currency bank account where I regularly deposit my euros, and I have an amount invested in halal stocks and some other investments.

My question is: since this is the first time I will be paying zakat because I have reached nisab alhamdu li Allah, I want to know, when calculating my zakat should I value my euros at 210 dinars or use the official exchange rate of 160 dinars?

N.B: In Algeria, the official nisab is calculated using the official value in local currency of 85 grams of gold

Jazakum Allah khayran

Assalaamu alaykum,

You may use the official exchange rate on the day you are calculating your Zakat.

Allah knows best